Walk on sunshine and scatter your Irish wildflower seeds with our Spotify playlist

It’s time to scatter your Irish wildflower seeds.
Enjoy your very own Great Rewilding playlist to help get you in the mood.

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Bee Informed

We need pollinators to grow many of the fruits and vegetables that make up a balanced diet, including our delicious berries. While our Irish pollinators include hoverflies, butterflies, and moths, most pollination in Ireland is carried out by bees. This is because bees feed their young exclusively on pollen and are entirely focused on collecting it from flowers to bring back to their nests.

Unfortunately, one third of Irish bee species are now threatened with extinction, with solitary bees particularly under threat. So, at Keelings, we want to help rewild Ireland and help save our bees! Click below to learn more about bees and other Irish pollinators.

Pollination & Pollinators